Travel the world, create moments and realize ideas. Our long lasting friendship always united the passion of going new paths.

When we wanted to buy a rooftop tent for our next trip two years ago, none of the conventional models were really an option. After quite some research and several conceptual designs, we finally started to develop a rooftop tent completely according to our ideas. What came out of it? A product designed from scratch, with features not found anywhere else on the market.

The First Realization of a Business Idea

Our first real realization of a business idea took place in Brazil in October 2017 together with our friend Sam. After graduating from high school, we were now eager to experience bringing one of our ideas into reality. Traveling with a van had been a subject of discussion among our friends for quite some time and when we saw that there were VW T1 buses for sale in Brazil for a relatively low price, we came up with the idea of buying a bus locally and then converting and reselling it in Germany. Manu, who had already disassembled his old Saab several times, could help with sufficient technical understanding not to make a bad purchase.

First Project Experience Together

In order to start our first joint project, we first had to collect the necessary funds from friends and acquaintances. With our team of three, we went to São Paulo for three weeks without any real language skills and no intercontinental travel experience. There we built up a small network and canvassed all possible VW dealers. After a long search we were sure to have found the best VW bus and had it shipped to Germany. Back home we rebuilt and resold it in a period of three months.

Although it was a huge achievement for us and we had learned a lot about ourselves and the joint project work, this business idea did not turn into anything more. And today we can say that we are quite happy about it, because a few years later the idea for Roof Space was born.

The Idea for Roof Space

The idea for Roof Space was born in June 2020 while hiking in the Alps when we were discussing our next travel destinations. At that time, due to the pandemic, we could not rely on the availability of our booked accommodations, so we talked about more independent vacation options. Manu wanted to go to Scandinavia soon, but wasn't sure yet how he could do that. Jakob was once on the road in Australia for a few weeks with a rooftop tent and found this kind of travel very suitable for Manu's plans as well as for the current situation..

With this in mind, we then looked more into the topic of rooftop tents. We were convinced to do our next trip together this way. The fact that the market does not really offer what we thought it would, put us once again in our passion for brainstorming and finding solutions. What if we developed our own rooftop tent?

Research in July 2020

Was gibt es auf dem Markt? Wie machen das die anderen? Was kann man besser machen? Welche Stoffe können verwendet werden?

Uns stellten sich eine Menge Fragen, doch das Thema ließ uns einfach nicht mehr los.

Our First Own Rooftop Tent!

In the fall of 2020, the first basic framework for our own rooftop tent was created in Jakob's mom's shed. Here we gathered our first experiences, made the first mistakes and began to really get to know rooftop tents. From the knowledge gained during this time, the first concrete considerations and approaches for our next versions emerged.


At the end of the year we made our second prototype: a self-sewn folding rooftop tent. In the process, we identified many problems and developed our next prototype based on them.

We started the new year with a lot of new know-how and motivation. But very quickly we were both faced with a big decision: we paused our studies in Berlin and Munich and moved back to Ottersberg to invest all our time and energy into the development of our own rooftop tent.

February - May 2021

With prototype 3 in February 2021, we were able to optimize our folding tent, but were still far from satisfied. We already had the idea for a case, but did not dare to implement it yet.

On April 16th 2021 we founded the Roof Space GmbH.

After the fourth prototype was built, we began to flesh out our concept idea of a hard-shell folding tent fusion. Increasingly, we sought the advice of external experts and thus started the actual innovation of the rooftop tent.

It works! With Prototype 5, we were finally able to implement what we had initially thought would be very difficult. We had created a new product from scratch. With the knowledge that we are able to do this, we continued with product development and the establishment of further entrepreneurial processes.


In early fall 2021, we built a working prototype, which was further improved with some modifications in another version.

At the end of the year, we were able to become more concrete in some areas regarding cooperations with supplier companies. In addition, Nils and Moritz came on board to take care of marketing at Roof Space from that point on.

2022 got off to an excellent start. With Prototype 8, we now have a product that is ready for series production.

The Endurance Test

At the end of February, we went on the first longer trip with our prototypes 7 and 8. From the production site in Ottersberg in Lower Saxony to Rome and back, the rooftop tents were put through their paces. But despite sub-zero temperatures at night in the south of Germany, as well as heavy rain showers in the north of Italy, the tent was always a place where we could feel comfortable.

We Say Thank You!

At the end of April 2022, we reached our crowdfunding goal of €100,000 within six weeks with 42 pre-orders.

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