Das Roof Space One



  • Fast set up due to built-in gas springs
  • Panorama Mode
  • Covered entrance
  • Large side opening windows
  • Dimmable panorama windows in the back and roof
  • Spacious interior due to 130 cm height
  • 30 cm space at the foot end to store clothes
  • 15 cm space at the head end for e.g. water bottles
  • Practical fastening eyes on all poles for hanging e.g. lamps or fairy lights
  • Small side pockets for cell phone and keys
  • Single-shell tent design to minimize fluttering in windy conditions
  • Only four spring steel poles needed for setup
  • Significant CO2 savings compared to other roof tents, which are all made in China
  • High quality and recyclable materials
  • Right to Repair
  • Made in Germany

Technical Data

  • Dimensions case (closed): 156 x 136 x 21 cm
  • Dimensions tent (opened): 255 x 146 x 130 cm
  • Sleeping surface: 135 x 205 cm
  • Weight: 67 kg


  • Case in aerodynamic design made of high quality 6063 aluminum
  • Surface coating: black or silver anodized
  • Bottom plates aluminum Honeycomb sandwich material
  • Extra sturdy aluminum pole arches for stormy days and nights
  • Roof fabric 100 % waterproof
  • Side fabric water column >2000mm
  • 6 cm mattress: extra high quality and firmness for good sleeping comfort and no sagging
  • 10 mm anti-condensation mat for good ventilation under the mattress

What a View!

With the Panorama Mode, the Roof Space One opens up to its surroundings. Here, the front fabric part is separated from the rest of the tent with a circumferential zipper. This allows nature lovers and photographers a unique 270° view. For restful summer nights there is a suitable mosquito net.

Travel the world, create moments and realize ideas. Our long lasting friendship always united the passion of going new paths.

When we wanted to buy a rooftop tent for our next trip two years ago, none of the conventional models were really an option. After quite some research and several conceptual designs, we finally started to develop a rooftop tent completely according to our ideas. What came out of it? A product designed from scratch, with features not found anywhere else on the market.

Our story
  • Jakob Heider

    Jakob is the mind behind the strategic direction at Roof Space and takes care of the operational processes. His network and know-how grows with each day, as Jakob uses every opportunity for communication with other people. In the daily startup chaos he always keeps calm and stays on top of things.

  • Immanuel Schneider

    Manu is the creative mind and responsible for the technical development and implementation at Roof Space. In addition to his craftsmanship experience from several classic car restorations and other projects, Manu has acquired a lot of expertise in recent years. He loves to be on the road with the rooftop tent somewhere in Scandinavia recharging his batteries for new ideas.


Why a Roof Space rooftop tent?

The Roof Space One tent combines the advantages of a folding tent as well as a hard shell tent. The aluminum case takes up only half of the lying area on the car roof and has a semi-automatic opening and closing mechanism.

Why is the Roof Space One more stable than other rooftop tents?

Due to the aluminum case, the Roof Space One has increased static properties. Affected forces are optimally distributed by the specially developed design.

Will the Roof Space One fit on my vehicle?

The Roof Space One can be mounted on almost any car that has a roof load of at least 67 kg. The permissible roof load can be found in the operating instructions of your vehicle. This specification refers to the dynamic load while driving and may be significantly higher when stationary.

What are the dimensions of the Roof Space One and how much weight can it hold?

The Roof Space One weighs 67 kg and can support up to three adults. The size of the case is L 156 cm x W 136 cm x H 21 cm. When unfolded, the tent is L 255 cm x W 146 cm x H 130 cm.

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