Roof tents in general

What is a roof tent and how does it work?

A roof tent is a mobile tent that is mounted on the roof of a vehicle. It offers a comfortable and elevated sleeping option while camping. Most rooftop tents are unfolded or raised, with some models featuring a hybrid construction where the top part unfolds halfway and opens to the side. The Roof Space defines itself as a Fusion roof tent - it combines the robustness, stylish design and aerodynamics of a hard shell with the full unfoldability of a classic folding roof tent.

What advantages does a roof tent offer compared to conventional tents?

Rooftop tents offer several advantages over traditional tents. Not only do they provide greater comfort due to the sleeping position on an elevated level, but they also protect against cold and damp floors. The ability to mount the tent on the car provides additional mobility and flexibility when camping. The quick assembly and dismantling enables spontaneous changes of location, while the elevated position on the vehicle offers additional security from wild animals.

Can I mount my roof tent on my vehicle myself?

Yes, many of our customers assemble their rooftop tents themselves. However, it is recommended that you follow the instructions carefully or seek professional help to ensure safe assembly. We recommend working with 3 people to assemble the Roof Space 2.

How long does it take to assemble and disassemble a roof tent?

Assembly and disassembly takes about 10 to 20 minutes on average, depending on the model and user experience. Since the Roof Space 2 comes with an assembly kit and instructions, as well as an assembly video on YouTube, even inexperienced people can assemble the tent in 10-15 minutes.

Are rooftop tents suitable for all seasons?

Our roof tents are versatile and designed for different seasons. They offer reliable protection from the elements – be it rain, sun, wind or cold. We are actively working on developing a thermal inner tent specifically designed for camping in winter conditions, which will be released early next year.

Are there restrictions on the use of rooftop tents in different countries or regions?

Please check local laws or regulations regarding camping and rooftop tents in different countries or regions before use.

Technical characteristics of the Roof Space

How much does the Roof Space 2 weigh?

The Roof Space 2 weighs 67 kg.

What materials are used for your roof tents and why?

We rely on high-quality, weather-resistant materials such as robust polycotton ripstop fabric that offers excellent durability. This is complemented by waterproof coatings and sturdy aluminum frames to ensure the longevity and reliability of our roof tents.

How is your roof tent waterproof?

Our roof tents are designed for maximum waterproofness. With a water column of 3000 mm and specially coated seams, they offer reliable protection against rain and moisture, even in the most demanding weather conditions.

How many people fit in a roof tent?

Capacity varies depending on model and size. Our Roof Space 2, for example, with dimensions of 155 cm x 136 cm, is designed to comfortably accommodate 2 adults and, depending on the size, there would also be room for a child. We are currently working on our 'Family Edition', which is specifically designed for 3-4 people to offer even more flexibility and comfort for families.

Can I remove the ladder or is it a load-bearing element?

The ladder is not a load-bearing element, but we recommend leaving it on the tent as it provides additional stability and entry and exit is not possible without the ladder.

How well are the roof tents secured against wind and storms?

Our roof tents are designed to withstand strong winds up to force 8. However, stability depends on correct assembly and use. In addition, additional security measures are recommended. Our tent features two buckles at the entrance that allow you to further secure the entrance to reinforce stability in challenging wind conditions while minimizing fluttering wind noise.

Are your roof tents suitable for vehicles of all sizes?

Our roof tent is available in a universal size and is designed to weigh just 67 kg. This makes it suitable for a wide range of vehicles with a roof load of at least 75kg.

Do your roof tents offer enough storage space for personal items?

Yes, our roof tents offer additional storage space for personal items and have integrated pockets or storage options. There is 4.5 cm of space in the closed suitcase, so that the sleeping bag and pillow can simply be left in the tent.

Are your roof tents also suitable for use in extreme temperatures or altitudes?

Our roof tents are designed for use in various environments, but it is recommended to check the specific limits in the product description.

Are there ways to connect the roof tent to external power sources?

Our rooftop tents do not have built-in connections for external power sources, but portable solar panel or battery systems can be used.

How is the ventilation in your roof tents regulated?

Our roof tents are designed to provide effective ventilation. In addition to windows on both sides and the entrance, they have small, rainproof openings on the sides and back. These can be opened if necessary to ensure optimal air circulation even in bad weather. In addition, we recommend activating panorama mode in summer to achieve improved air circulation and even more comfort.

Are your roof tents also suitable for vehicles with special equipment (e.g. roof rails, roof racks)?

Yes, our roof tents are suitable for various vehicle configurations and equipment. Depending on the vehicle model, you just need to choose the right roof rack.

What is the aerodynamic impact of your roof tents on the vehicle?

Our roof tents are aerodynamically designed to minimize drag and not significantly impact vehicle performance. Depending on the vehicle model and driving style, there is an additional consumption of 0.5-1.5 liters.

Are your roof tents also suitable for vehicles with sliding roofs?

Our roof tents can be mounted on vehicles with sunroofs, depending on the mounting method and model of the vehicle.

Is the ROOF SPACE 2 roof tent lockable or secured against theft?

Yes, the ROOF SPACE 2 roof tent is lockable.

Accessories and extensions

Do you also offer accessories or spare parts for your roof tents?

Yes, we offer accessories and spare parts for our roof tents. These are available on our website or from our sales partners.

Are there options to expand or adapt the roof tent?

Our Roof Space 2 offers a variety of customization options, including an inflatable awning, an awning and a mosquito net for panoramic mode. These extensions can be effortlessly integrated into the tent ecosystem and significantly expand the usable area of ​​the tent. This means they offer extra space, more versatility and the ability to enjoy the fresh air in panoramic mode while keeping annoying insects away - for an even more comfortable camping experience.

Is the roof tent theft-proof?

Our roof tents can be equipped with additional security features such as lockable zippers and security buckles to make theft more difficult.

Assembling the roof tent

Which roof rack can I use?

You can use any roof rack that is compatible with your vehicle model and ensures a maximum load of at least 75 kg.

How many people do I need to assemble the roof tent?

We recommend lifting the Roof Space 2 onto the car with at least 3 adults.

Can I also mount the Roof Space 2 so that it opens to the back of the car?

That is possible. However, for this you need adapter plates, which you can find as accessories in our shop. With this type of installation, make sure that the tailgate can no longer be folded all the way up, otherwise it will hit the roof tent.

Do you offer assembly videos or instructions for your roof tents?

Yes, detailed assembly instructions are included with the Roof Space 2 and assembly videos are available on our YouTube channel to make installation easier

Are there differences in assembly for different roof shapes of vehicles?

Yes, installation may vary depending on roof shape and vehicle type. The installation instructions provide specific instructions for different roof shapes.

Are your roof tents also suitable for vehicles with sliding roofs?

Our roof tents can be mounted on vehicles with sunroofs, depending on the mounting method and model of the vehicle.

Can your roof tents be mounted on different types of vehicles such as SUVs, station wagons or pick-ups?

Yes, our roof tents are suitable for a wide range of vehicle types. You can easily find out the compatibility with your car using our configurator.

Can I transfer my roof tent to another vehicle if I change my car?

Yes, in many cases our roof tents can be converted to different vehicles. The roof load of at least 75 kg is crucial here. Furthermore, you may need to purchase a suitable roof rack for your new car.

Do you offer installation services for your rooftop tents?

We offer a free installation service if you pick it up from us or one of our sales partners. Alternatively, our products come with detailed assembly instructions, allowing for easy self-assembly.

Order and payment

Do you offer financing options for the purchase of your roof tents?

We may offer financing options. Please contact our customer service for further information.

Can I have my roof tent personalized or customized?

The Roof Space 2 is initially available in a specific color variant. However, it offers the option to choose between a harder and a softer mattress. Additional customization options are not currently available.


How long does shipping take and what shipping options are available?

Delivery time varies depending on location and product availability. We offer various shipping options with corresponding delivery times. For detailed information, please contact our customer service.

safety instructions

Do you provide information or recommendations on vehicle maintenance with a roof tent installed?

We offer general vehicle maintenance recommendations with the roof tent installed to ensure safety and performance. Please note that driving through a car wash with a roof tent installed is not permitted in order to avoid possible damage.

Can I use my vehicle with a mounted roof tent in parking garages or underground garages?

The height of the installed roof tent can affect the entrance to parking garages or underground garages. Please check height restrictions before using such locations.

What do I have to pay attention to when choosing my parking space?

Choose your location carefully: Make sure the ground is level and avoid sloping terrain, do not spend the night in areas at risk of flooding and avoid areas under slopes at risk of falling or near rotten trees. Secure the vehicle against rolling away. It is best to position the roof tent so that the entrance faces away from the direction of the wind. In strong winds, secure the roof tent to the rim of your vehicle using the auxiliary strap. During storms or thunderstorms, do not leave the roof tent unattended. In the event of a storm or thunderstorm, fold it up and seek shelter in the vehicle. Make sure to keep enough distance from fires and grills.

Guarantee and returns

What damage is covered by my insurance?

Storm and fire damage are excluded from the guarantee.

Do you offer a guarantee or warranty for your roof tents?

Yes, we offer the legally required guarantee or warranty of 2 years for our products. Details can be found in the product information or on our website.

Care and Maintenance

Can I clean the tent with a high-pressure cleaner?

No, this could damage the paint.

What do I have to pay attention to when storing my tent?

1. Ensure dryness: Before storing your rooftop tent, it is important that the tent is completely dry. Moisture can cause mold and damage to the tent material. If the tent gets wet, dry it thoroughly in a well-ventilated area before storing it.

2. Open the lid for ventilation: Store the roof tent with the lid open. This measure allows for continuous air circulation within the tent. Good ventilation is crucial to avoid moisture accumulation and effectively prevent mold formation.

3. Regular checks: We recommend checking the tent regularly even during storage. Pay particular attention to signs of moisture. If necessary, the tent should be re-dried and treated accordingly to avoid damage. By following these simple but important steps, you can significantly extend the life of your roof tent and maintain its quality. Remember that proper care and storage is the key to many unforgettable outdoor adventures!

Further questions?

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