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Why a Roof Space rooftop tent?

The Roof Space One tent combines the advantages of a folding tent as well as a hard shell tent. The aluminum case takes up only half of the lying area on the car roof and has a semi-automatic opening and closing mechanism.

Why is the Roof Space One the most sustainable rooftop tent?

The construction and the materials used are designed to be recycled to the greatest possible extent after the life cycle. Thus, about 90% of the tent can be recycled. In addition, the materials used are designed to have the lowest possible CO2 balance. An example of this is the Hydro Reduxa aluminum used, which produces only 1/8 of the CO2 emissions compared to conventional aluminum.

Likewise, the choice of textiles used is a key factor in sustainability. A conscious choice of German and French quality fabrics was made to reduce the impact of harmful chemicals on the environment.

An additional aspect of sustainability is the regional value chain, which is why there is an enormous saving in CO2 in relation to production in China and shipping to Germany.

We are in the process of finding out how big the CO2 savings are and will provide you with the numbers as soon as possible.

Why is the Roof Space One more stable than other rooftop tents?

Due to the aluminum case, the Roof Space One has increased static properties. Affected forces are optimally distributed by the specially developed design.

Will the Roof Space One fit on my vehicle?

The Roof Space One can be mounted on almost any car that has a roof load of at least 67 kg. The permissible roof load can be found in the operating instructions of your vehicle. This specification refers to the dynamic load while driving and may be significantly higher when stationary.

What are the dimensions of the Roof Space One and how much weight can it hold?

The Roof Space One weighs 67 kg and can support up to three adults. The size of the case is L 156 cm x W 136 cm x H 21 cm. When unfolded, the tent is L 255 cm x W 146 cm x H 130 cm.