Dachzelt Befestigung: Wie Sie ihr Dachzelt sicher auf dem Auto montieren

Roof tent attachment: How to mount your roof tent safely on the car

Welcome to the Roof Space Blog! Today we would like to address an important topic that is of central importance to every roof tent owner: securely attaching the roof tent to the car. Whether you're an experienced camper or a newbie to outdoor living, properly assembling your rooftop tent is crucial to a carefree and enjoyable adventure. In this guide we give you a brief overview of what needs to be taken into account during installation.

1. Choosing the right roof rack:

Before you can assemble your roof tent, you need a stable and suitable roof rack. Make sure that the roof rack can easily support the weight of the roof tent. You can find the load limit in the manufacturer's information as well as the compatibility with your vehicle model. A high-quality roof rack is an absolute must to ensure the stability and safety of your roof tent.

2. Correct assembly of the roof tent:

Once you have the right roof rack, it is important to assemble your roof tent properly. Follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully here. Make sure all fasteners are tight and the tent sits securely on the roof rack. Periodically check the condition of the mounting screws to ensure they have not become loose.

3. Observe weight distribution and load limits:

Even weight distribution on the roof rack is crucial. Make sure that the roof tent is placed in the middle of the vehicle so that the driving characteristics of your vehicle are affected as little as possible. If you are transporting items inside your roof tent, be sure to follow the load limits specified by the manufacturer so as not to overload the roof tent. The overload can lead to vehicle instability and therefore unsafe driving conditions.

4. Regular inspection of the fastening:

Safety first! Check the attachment of your roof tent regularly, especially before long trips or off-road adventures. Check the tightness of the screws, nuts and fastening points and tighten them if necessary. Regular maintenance ensures that your roof tent is always safely and reliably mounted on the car.


Securely attaching your roof tent to your car is crucial to safely experience carefree adventures. By choosing the right roof rack, installing it carefully, adhering to weight limits and regularly checking the fasteners, you can ensure that your roof tent always sits firmly and reliably on the vehicle. To fully enjoy your outdoor experience, remember that safety is always a top priority. Start your next adventure with confidence and be ready for unforgettable moments under the stars!

If you have any further questions about attaching roof tents or are looking for a high-quality roof tent, we at Roof Space will be happy to help. Contact us and let’s plan your next outdoor adventure together!