Eine unvergessliche Reise in die Freiheit: Abenteuer mit dem Roof Space One durch Spanien und Portugal

An unforgettable journey to freedom: Adventure with the Roof Space One through Spain and Portugal

In May and June of this year we (Michi and Kilian, friends from our student days) went on an unforgettable journey through Spain and Portugal. 2 years ago we bought an old VW Passat station wagon for €800 with which we drove through Europe for a month in 2021 and 2022. This year it was time again. However, since we wanted to be on the road for a few weeks longer this time, we longed for more comfort. So we came up with the idea of ​​asking our friends at Roof Space for one of their brilliant roof tents. Luckily for us, there was one of the last prototypes of the Roof Space One that was available for this period. So let's get going. We quickly installed the Roof Space on the beloved Passat and within minutes our old planer was transformed into the ultimate motorhome - and our anticipation increased immeasurably. A few final instructions about the tent and off we went on a unique journey that gave us the opportunity to explore the world in a whole new way. Our journey was characterized by freedom, adventure and countless encounters that we will carry in our hearts forever.

The planning for this wonderful trip began long in advance and the destinations of Spain and Portugal had already been decided for a long time. The Roof Space roof tent alone was included in our planning at short notice, but in retrospect it made the crucial difference on our trip. We had a plan, but we were also willing to let ourselves drift and spontaneously discover new places. The only compass was the longing for freedom and adventure.

Outward journey

Our route took us from northern Germany straight through France until, after about 18 hours of driving, we drove across the border into Spain in Hondarribia. A few more kilometers up the beautiful coastal road of the Jaizkibel and we finally arrived at our first place to spend the night. We arrived in the dark, so it wasn't until the next morning that we noticed the beauty that surrounded us. Pure sunshine, lush green hills and, to our great surprise, wild horses running free - a truly magical sight! Overwhelmed by this beauty, we decided to spend a day at this spot after the long drive the day before. So we enjoyed the weather in panoramic mode, hiked to the nearby bouldering rocks, (one of the most popular bouldering spots in Spain it turned out) and spent a day outdoors. After another cozy night in the roof space, we were woken up in the morning by heavy rain. First tough test for the Roof Space - it was already waterproof. Unfortunately, the rain would haunt us for a few more days. So we continued towards San Sebastian early in the morning. After a short stop for breakfast and some home office work, we continue towards Bilbao. Further along the beautiful winding coastal roads and slowly the holiday travel feeling really set in. Our next overnight stop was a small beach near Castro Urdiales. A special feature here is an old loading crane from the 19th century that we originally wanted to jump down from. At close range the crane was too high for us (more than 20m). We left it with the exploratory hike through the old tunnels and shafts. In the evening there was a fire at our cozy parking space in front of an old ruin.

At this point a tip to all roof tent travelers: Do not light a fire too close to your roof tent and be sure to close all windows and doors of the tent . Because after that night we had a strong smell of smoke in and around the tent for the following 2-3 weeks. Well, you learn from your mistakes. 

The Picos de Europa

The next morning we continued towards our next destination: The Picos de Europa. On the way we went through Asturias, an area previously unknown to us, which impressed us deeply. On the horizon are rugged, mighty mountains, green meadows and forests as far as the eye can see. We kept seeing a river appearing along the side of the path and spontaneously decided to just turn right down into the valley. A brilliant decision. We drove along a gravel road through a forest and suddenly we were standing on a private beach with countless kayaks on a crystal-clear, cold mountain river. It was like a dream. So we decided to stay here again for a day. After spending the day in and around the water, we were unfortunately discovered by the police in the afternoon. So we continued on to the Picos de Europa, as we didn't want to provoke a dispute with the law at the beginning of the trip. The Picos de Europa: a beautiful mountain range, with narrow streets carved into the rock, small ancient stone house villages and cows that calmly cross the streets. Life slows down enormously here. We arrived in the center of the Picos at sunset. A breathtaking sight that we never thought we could experience in Spain. We set up the roof space in no time at all, which was child's play even after such a long and tiring day . We were looking forward to a week in the mountains. But the weather once again thwarted our plans. We woke up to rain and storms and the forecast for the coming week remained severe. So we quickly folded up the tent and drove south out of the Picos - chasing the sun. 

We wanted “real summer”. That’s why we decided to “skip” quite a bit of Spain and go straight to Portugal. So 2 days later we drove across the border into Portugal and finally arrived in pure sunshine. Here we made ourselves comfortable in the dunes for a few days and here, away from any civilization, we immediately met a young man who spoke to us directly because he had been thinking about converting his car into a motorhome with a roof tent for a long time. We spent two days together, he showed us the area and once again it became clear that you can meet great people in the most unusual and remote places. He recommended us great places and restaurants nearby and also gave us a few tips for our next destination: Porto. 

Porto - Lisbon - Algarve

After a day in Porto we continued south because we wanted to experience nature. Crowds were too stressful for us on vacation. 

With a few stops along the way we continued to Lisbon and after a few more stops we made it to the Algarve in the south of Portugal. Here our journey slowed down even more. We looked for a beach away from any civilization and spent almost a whole week here. With a view of the sea, the roof space was permanently set up in panoramic mode and so we had our living room on the roof . Perfect for enjoying some shade, taking an afternoon nap and reading. 

After the week our paths would part for the time being. Michi had to return to Germany for family reasons. I dropped him off at the airport in Faro - and continued my stay in Portugal alone. However, not for long. Just a few hours later I met a nice German couple who discovered me while I was taking a nap in the roof space. Once again we talked about the roof tent and spent a lovely day together. They recommended a party that we had already heard about a few times in the Algarve: the pizza party. Without further ado, I decided to take the 2 hour drive and in the early evening I was in the middle of nowhere at an area that resembled a small festival. I immediately met great people from all over the world who, as is often the case, were interested in my special roof tent. It was an unforgettable evening with new contacts that still exist months later. 

Across Portugal to Primavera Sound

Now a month had already passed and I wanted to experience some adventure alone again. So I spontaneously decided to go to a festival in Porto with friends we had met during the trip. So I made my way across Portugal to Porto to spend another unforgettable weekend with new friends from all over the world. 

Even though it was a great weekend - now I had to recover a bit. So on the way south I found a remote parking space at a reservoir near Lisbon. And how could it be otherwise - it didn't take long until someone became curious about the roof space. A diving instructor from Lisbon who gave diving lessons here spoke to me and told me about his travel experiences with roof tents and gave me great tips for Portugal, diving and life in general. 

After a few days of rest, swimming and reading, we went back to the Algarve. I picked up Michi again in Faro and our journey continued together. 

Pizza party 2.0

After my stories about the pizza party, Michi wanted to experience it too and so we went to the pizza party again where we were once again an absolute eye-catcher with the roof space. In addition to people from France, England, Australia, Barbados and who knows where, we also met a new friend from Frankfurt - we shared a passion for traveling and cliff jumping and quickly decided to continue traveling together.

We spent a little over a week together in the Algarve, exploring caves with our kayaks, looking for the best places for cliff jumping and climbing popular bouldering spots. In such a short time, a friendship was created that will last forever and the many wonderful moments shared connect us forever. Kind regards to Leon at this point. After a week of adventure tour with Leon, 8 weeks of our trip had already passed and we were on our way home. 

home trip

After 2 days of driving through Spain and France in 35 degree temperatures, an overnight stay with a strange alarm clock (a donkey chewing on our tent ladder), we arrived back in northern Germany.

The roof tent was delivered to our friends at Roof Space and we were back at the starting point of our journey - only with a bunch of new experiences, friends and memories - not least because of the Roof Space.

Conclusion Roof Space One

The Roof Space One proved to be the perfect companion for our trip. Finding a place to stay overnight was as easy as we had hoped. All we had to do was look for a quiet, reasonably level place to set up our mobile home for the night. This independent travel made it possible to settle in the midst of breathtaking nature, be it the picturesque vineyards of Spain or the winding coastal roads of Portugal. Our favorite feature was of course the panorama mode, which enables a completely new use of the roof tent in the hot Portuguese summer . It is no longer just a cozy retreat for the night, but also a living room/beach chair on the roof of the car, which is why we also enjoyed staying in the tent during the day, even in the blazing midday sun. And the panorama mode lives up to its name - the views we were able to enjoy while lying comfortably in bed were simply incomparable. Thanks for this Roof Space!

One of the best surprises of this trip was meeting people from all over the world. The eye-catching and unusual design of the Roof Space roof tent attracted curious looks and conversations. We socialized, exchanged stories and created connections that transcended the boundaries of language and culture. The roof space became a symbol of openness and shared adventure.

The evenings were particularly unforgettable when the roof space stood on the cliffs and was surrounded by a chain of lights. The view of the star-studded sky and the sound of the sea in the background created an atmosphere that is difficult to describe in words. We enjoyed the quiet hours in our little heaven on earth and felt more connected to nature and the universe than ever.

During our two months in Spain and Portugal we not only explored places but also our souls. We discovered the true meaning of freedom, met countless new people and found a cozy refuge in the roof space . This trip was an ode to adventure, nature and human connection. And it was proof that with the roof space you can discover the world cheaply and comfortably and enjoy life to the fullest at every moment.