Dachzelt auf dem Auto: Abenteuerreise mit dem PKW

Roof tent on the car: adventure trip by car

Are you a passionate adventurer and enjoy traveling in your car? Then you probably know the following problem: Where can I sleep when I'm far from civilization? A solution that is constantly gaining popularity is the roof tent for the car. The practical and versatile tents can be attached to the roof of your car and offer a comfortable bed in the middle of nature.

In this article we will take a closer look at rooftop tents. We'll show you why they complement your daily driver perfectly and transform it into an adventure car.

Flexibility and comfort:

Roof tents offer unique flexibility because you always have your sleeping place with you. Whether at a campsite or in the great outdoors, you can set up your roof tent in just a few minutes.

Most roof tents can accommodate at least two people. They are also equipped with a comfortable mattress so that you can get a restful sleep even on the go.

Space saving:

Compared to normal tents, roof tents do not take up any extra space in the trunk or trailer. The entire car remains usable, which is particularly beneficial for longer trips and outdoor adventures. You can store your equipment in the trunk because you have a spacious sleeping area on the roof. For example, van conversions can also be ingeniously complemented - living room downstairs, bedroom on the roof.

Protection from uneven terrain and weather conditions:

Thanks to its height on the car roof, the roof tent keeps you safe and dry. You don't have to worry about rocks, roots or puddles. The roof tent is finally mounted on a stable platform. You should only find a surface that is as flat as possible to park your car so that you don't end up lying too slanted at night. Most roof tent models are of course waterproof and therefore offer protection from wind and rain.

Mobility and freedom of travel:

With a roof tent you are very flexible. You can camp almost anywhere. Whether you want to hike in the mountains, spend the night on a remote beach or plan a desert tour - your roof tent will accompany you on all your adventures. This means you don't have to rely on campsites and can stop spontaneously wherever you like.

Adaptability to different vehicles:

One of the big advantages of roof tents is their compatibility with various vehicles and the flexibility that comes with it. Whether SUVs, station wagons or even small cars, there is a suitable solution for almost every car. Various mounting systems enable simple and secure attachment without having to buy a lot of additional accessories.


Rooftop tents are a great addition to your daily driver. They offer flexibility, comfort, space savings and protection from the elements. 

With a roof tent you can enjoy the freedom of nature while bringing the comfort of a bed from home while maintaining the mobility of your car.