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Roof Space One

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Delivery end of August 2022

The Roof Space One is 255 cm long, 146 cm wide and is up to 130 cm high inside. Packed in the case it is 156 cm long, 136 cm wide and 21 cm flat.

The mattress offers a 200 cm x 135 cm lying surface. At the head and foot end is space to put things or if necessary to expand the mattress.

The case including the tent and mattress weighs 67 kg.

Scope of delivery

1x rooftop tent

1x foam mattress (6 cm)

1x anti-condensation mat

1x telescopic ladder (260 cm)

4x spring steel bar

4x clamp for fixing the carrier

1x instruction manual


Das Roof Space One passt auf fast jedes Auto. Achte lediglich auf eine ausreichende dynamische Dachlast von mindestens 67 kg. Diese findest du im Handbuch deines Fahrzeugs.

Die passenden Dachgepäckträger für dein Auto bekommst du beim Autozubehöhrhändler deines Vertrauens. Solltest du diesbezüglich Fragen haben, dann melde dich einfach bei uns.


See our page "Transparency"


Once you have your Roof Space One rooftop tent and the right racks for your car, mounting it on the roof is easy.

Nevertheless, take enough time to assemble everything correctly and safely.

Everything for your roof racks can be found in the manufacturer's instruction manual. For the installation of the Roof Space One on the carriers, see the instruction manual supplied by us.

If you have any questions about the assembly just contact us.

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Our successfully completed crowdfunding campaign

Hard shell tent? Folding tent?

The Roof Space One combines the below mentioned advantages of the existing rooftop tents. It allows the quick assembly of a hard shell tent due to the connection of an aluminum case with a gas spring. At the same time it has the space of a folding tent.

Hard shell rooftop tents are characterized by the quick assembly and disassembly, as well as good aerodynamics. However, they are not suitable for small and medium-sized cars, because the complete lying surface is mounted on the roof of the car and the size of the case has a strong negative impact on the driving behavior.

Folding rooftop tents, on the other hand, take up only half of the lying area and are much more compact when closed. By doubling the lying area after assembly, a relatively spacious interior is created. The assembly of these tents is comparatively time-consuming and laborious, as the PVC cover required for travel must be removed and the tent then unfolded by hand.

  • 🪨 Hard Shell

    Convenient, robust, aerodynamic. The specially developed aluminum case stores the rooftop tent safely and dry. Mattress, sleeping bags, pillows and small items can be left in the tent.

  • 😊 Easy to Handle

    A central hinge connects the two case shells. Here, a pneumatic spring is positioned so that a semi-automatic opening and closing of the rooftop tent is made possible.

  • ⛺️ From small to big

    The closed case only takes up an area of 155cm x 130cm and is 21cm flat.

    When unfolded, the tent measures 255 cm x 146cm and is 130cm high.