• Jakob Heider

    Jakob is the mind behind the strategic direction at Roof Space and takes care of the operational processes. His network and know-how grows with each day, as Jakob uses every opportunity for communication with other people. In the daily startup chaos he always keeps calm and stays on top of things.

  • Immanuel Schneider

    Manu is the creative mind and responsible for the technical development and implementation at Roof Space. In addition to his craftsmanship experience from several classic car restorations and other projects, Manu has acquired a lot of expertise in recent years. He loves to be on the road with the rooftop tent somewhere in Scandinavia recharging his batteries for new ideas.

  • Benjamin Nazari ist als Textiltechniker für den Zeltstoff zuständig. Mit Hilfe seiner Erfahrung werden die Näharbeiten am Zelt stets optimiert, weitere Schnittmuster entwickelt und die Qualität in der Serienfertigung sichergestellt.

  • Tarik Nissen ist begnadeter Tüftler und sorgt in unserer Produktion für einen reibungslosen Ablauf. Gibt es ein Problem zu lösen ist er der richtige Ansprechpartner und achtet stets darauf, dass unsere Qualitätsstandards eingehalten werden.

  • Dipl.-Ing. Rolf Wagner

    Development engineer

  • Dr. Ing. Peter Heider

    Senior Specialist Materials & Processes

  • Lisa Dorfhuber

    Textile technician and sustainability consultant

  • Dirk Klingenberg

    Product developer and constructor

  • Thomas Schlichting

    Management & Technology Student

  • Wolfgang Schiessl


  • Holger Scheibig

    Strategy management

  • Egbert Engel

    Geographer, environmental, nature and landscape planner

  • Maria Andresen advises on social media and internet presence out of her T4 camper and, thanks to her professional experience in online marketing and communication, knows what matters when it comes to public relations. She also supports the team in sales and scouts out the best rooftop tent sites in Europe.
  • Kilian Haye is responsible for the majority of Roof Space's beautiful photo and video content and supports the team in sales. Equipped with his camera, he is always up for an adventure and brings, through numerous creative projects, a lot of experience and knowledge as a content creator.


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