The tent: ROOF SPACE 2

From now on you no longer have to choose between the double
Lying area of ​​a folding roof tent and the quick assembly of one
Hard shell. The ROOF SPACE 2 combines both advantages in one
new solution. It is the world's first roof tent in the FUSION category.


Click through the different setup options for our flexible roof tent.


With overhangs set up, you can easily get in and out, look out and still stay dry inside.

Panorama mode

With the panorama mode you can enjoy the best view from the roof of the car.


With the windows and doors closed, the tent can withstand rain and wind.


With the suitcase closed, the tent is ready to travel or invites you to sit on top and enjoy the view.

Advantages and details at a glance

Through passion and dedication, Roof Space has developed a love for
Developed in detail that makes the difference on the market.

Stainless steel & aluminum

The case is particularly robust and long-term stable thanks to hard and high-quality materials.

Panorama mode

With the ROOF SPACE 2 roof tent you can open the entire front and enjoy the entire panorama.

Gas spring

The use of a gas pressure spring is an absolute novelty in the field of folding roof tents. It enables semi-automatic assembly and dismantling.

Panoramic window

The large blackout panoramic windows of the ROOF SPACE 2 allow you to switch between bright daylight and pitch black night.

Mesh and mattress

The ROOF SPACE 2 roof tent comes standard with a highly comfortable 5 cm TPU foam mattress and a 1 cm anti-condensation mesh in a washable quilted cover - perfect sleep guaranteed.

Aluminum suitcase

The aluminum case combines fuel-saving aerodynamics with stability that is made to last.

Steel cable

By using a steel cable in the suspension bridge principle, the ROOF SPACE 2 achieves unprecedented stability and is the first roof tent with a redundant stability system .

Space at the foot

30 cm of free space at the foot end allows you to place backpacks, shoes, etc. or expand the lying area with a partial mattress, so that even tall people have enough space.


There are practical pockets on both sides of the head end of the ROOF SPACE 2 for storing cell phones, wallets, keys, etc., so that there is no chaos.


The zippers used on the ROOF SPACE 2 are specially designed so that they do not make any noise when moving in the wind. This allows you to sleep in natural peace

Bar cover

The pre-installed rod pockets cushion the aluminum rods in the interior and ensure a pleasant feeling of space - but can be quickly removed if necessary using simple Velcro fasteners.


The stable Velcro stand on all sides, protected by a mosquito net and easily closable, ensures optimal air circulation and ventilation in the tent.


The robust and easy-to-use push buttons enable easy assembly and dismantling even on large cars . They also act as holders for accessories such as shoe bags.

Roll up

Thanks to stable and flexible buttons attached to all openings of the ROOF SPACE 2, windows and doors can be rolled up and fixed as desired.

Space in the suitcase

4.5 cm of additional space makes it possible to leave your sleeping bag and pillow in your suitcase when packing - meaning you can leave quickly and easily.

Tent fabric

For the ROOF SPACE 2 we use a polyester ripstop fabric of the highest quality with 320 g/m² and a water column of 3000 mm, while at the same time being highly breathable .