Rooftop tent without compromise

With our Roof Space, we have developed a roof tent that is unique to date. It combines the functionalities of classic hard shell and folding roof tents in one. In addition, it offers innovations such as the panorama mode, extremely high wind stability and a simplistic design thanks to the aluminium case.

Set up in under 2 minutes with one fold

The Roof Space 2 roof top tent impresses with its easy handling. It is designed to get from one place to another quickly when travelling. Even solo travellers should find it easy to set up and take down our roof tent.

ROOF SPACE 2 – the solution to the classic roof tent problem

The ROOF SPACE 2 is the first roof tent that combines the advantage of the easy setup of a hard-shell tent with twice the sleeping area of ​​a folding roof tent.

This makes it the first roof tent in the FUSION category in the world.

To the tent

  • Panorama mode

    With the ROOF SPACE 2 roof tent you can open the entire front of the tent. This turns the roof tent into a cozy roof terrace. Immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the surroundings to the fullest.

    The tent
  • Aluminum case

    The case is made of recyclable aluminum. Minimal wind resistance ensures low fuel consumption. The extremely compact design and low weight of just 67 kg allow it to be installed on almost any car.

    The tent
  • Easy to assemble on your own

    Thanks to the strap and gas strut, the tent is particularly easy to set up and take down, even for solo travelers.

    The tent

Transformation miracle

Discover more construction options here:

The tent

Why roof tent?

Traveling with a roof tent can be beneficial in various areas. It offers flexibility, closeness to nature and allows you to travel sustainably.


With a roof tent you can travel very flexibly because you are not tied to the accommodation you have booked. This means you can react to natural events, just keep driving, and stay longer in places you like.

Close to nature

In the tent you are always in the middle of things. Only a tent wall separates you from the surroundings. Ideal for discovering a lot, understanding nature and experiencing a conscious approach to the environment.

Traveling sustainably

Roof Space supports a sustainable lifestyle with its durable, repairable roof tents made from recyclable aluminum and promotes travel by vehicle to minimize air travel. This practice raises awareness of nature and allows adventurers to explore the environment without significantly increasing their ecological footprint.

Back to nature

Discover the region's nature and enjoy the ROOF SPACE 2 as a safe retreat on spontaneous weekend trips or long road trips. Our roof tent is more sustainable than others. It is 90% recyclable and contains no ABS or fiberglass, which is very difficult to recycle. During the design, we placed particular emphasis on ensuring that all relevant parts were repairable or replaceable.

Entrepreneur with passion

The journey and development of the ROOF SPACE roof tents starts in our garage in 2020.

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The year before last I discovered Roofspace on a startup site and was immediately convinced by the concept. A small, compact and easy-to-open roof tent with a large lying area. We have now been using it for around 1.5 years and have around 23,000. Kilometers of road trips through the whole of Europe up to the Nordkapp and spent the night there in wind and weather - snow, storms, heat and heavy rain -, took a long nap or two and enjoyed the sun. I particularly like the idea of ​​the panoramic windows in the roof, which means you can easily observe the Northern Lights and the Milky Way from your sleeping bag. The panorama mode is perfect for mild summer nights and if there are too many critters, you can simply “pull in” the appropriate mosquito net with a zipper. Great to see that there is still such courage and inventiveness in Germany. I wish the entire Roofspace team all the best!

Christopher B.

I've been using the roof tent since this year and I have to say: it's just great. I am a pensioner and the quick, uncomplicated assembly and dismantling is a great benefit for me and my wife. If you have any questions or other matters, you will receive immediate, solution-oriented service from the Roof Space team. I hope that many more young people discover this special roof tent for themselves.

Oskar M.

The roof tent is something new and is super easy to set up. I really like the design and the good ventilation system. And it's huge, the lying area is an absolute plus. We have learned to love the panorama mode; we simply like to have breakfast in the roof tent in this mode and enjoy the view.

Golo K.

I bought the roof tent at a trade fair and was really impressed by the innovative and easy construction. Travel spontaneously with it now and enjoy the great view :-).

Nhan L.

I'm thrilled with the tent.👏Just like the panorama mode but also in the rain I'm impressed with how well everything works.👍It's up and assembled in 2-3 minutes. The aluminum shell is very stable and top.

Tomas H.